Paints & Coatings

Paint and other coatings are used widely in the interior and exterior of buildings; everything from houses, to offices and factories use paint on their premises. There are many different types of paint to choose from, not just in terms of colour, but in terms of level of shine too.

There are a range of gloss levels available in paint; these range from matt paint which has no shine, to satin and silk which have a moderate amount of shine and finally brilliant or high shine gloss. The level of gloss is measured using a gloss meter and is monitored using this piece of equipment also.

The gloss meter shines a light at a specified angle and the reflective angle is then measured; this will give the number of GU (Gloss Units). The higher the GU, the glossier the paint. The gloss meter is used to configure the paint to leave the required finish, whether this is matt, satin, silk or high gloss, and then used to ensure that this standard is continued throughout the batch; it is a form of quality control.