Furniture Industry

The furniture industry encompasses a wide range of objects and surfaces which have a lot of different finishes, from wood to metal, marble and shiny acrylic. Throughout homes and properties there are many different surfaces which create the design of the interior; often different surfaces and finishes are matched and contrasted to give the desired visual effect.

The final consideration of furniture manufacturers is the gloss or shine on the end product; the level of shine will be set to be the most appealing to customers. An example of this is kitchen worktops; traditional wooden ones will be dull whilst modern acrylic ones will be finished to a high gloss. If the acrylic was matt and dull, perhaps it would be less appealing to customers.

The competitive nature of the furniture industry means that each product needs to be finished to an excellent standard in order to sell well, therefore the gloss finish and consistency of quality is imperative. To ensure consistency, a gloss meter can be used which measures how glossy the surface is in Gloss Units (GU); the higher the number of GU, the more glossy the surface is. It also allows the furniture manufacturer to monitor the quality of the finished furniture products, to ensure that they batches produce items to the same standard throughout.

A gloss meter can pick up on imperfections in the lustre of a surface, therefore notifying the manufacturer before any more are made on the production line; this minimises wastage due to production of substandard products.